Balancing professional and private life

Successful employers know that happy employees are essential to productivity and, consequently, the future of the company. This applies more than ever in times of major societal and technical change. The demands of our increasingly complex society bring a number of new challenges to both the workplace and home life and, not least, to our attempt at balancing the two.

Good working conditions require looking at the individual challenges of employees in their respective life situations. This forms the basis for a long-term, successful, life-phase oriented human resources policy.

We have a wide range of services to offer you. Our aim is to provide competent support for your employees when it comes to achieving a healthy work-life balance.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Increased motivation
  • Greater employer appeal
  • Reduced absence
  • Bonding of employees

In short: a life-phase oriented human resources policy is worth it!

Our Services for your employees

Your employees rely on competent childcare daily in order to work in a flexible, motivated manner. But what happens if their usual childcare provider suddenly cancels on them or a new kindergarten place is urgently required due to work-related relocation?

Our services for your employees:

  • Advice on organising childcare
  • Assistance with searching for kindergarten places and daycare support
  • Arranging private careworkers (e.g. nannies/au-pairs)
  • Organisation of emergency short-term supervision around the clock

Our services for employers:

  • Advice on arranging company-funded childcare services
  • Planning and implementing holiday programmes for school children
  • Childcare during congresses, seminars and other in-house events

Relatives who require care or suddenly need support change an employee's life from one day to the next. The situation is new and highly challenging for all involved. This can significantly impact work performance.

Unfortunately, finding the right information in these circumstances is often unnecessarily complicated. This is where we can help! We provide comprehensive support for all Questions and concerns for your employees when relatives require care.

The spectrum ranges from choosing a suitable care provider to assistance with formulating applications for care services. At the family’s request, we can also arrange suitable services such as outpatient care or short-term care.

Employees who are feeling overburdened and are often unable to fulfil their actual potential. Stress caused by family or relationship problems, conflicts in the workplace, addiction or debt can negatively impact performance and the health of your employees in the long term. That is why solution-oriented and professional support is an important component of good HR policy.

Our experienced advisors help your employees to develop new perspectives within the scope of solution-oriented, short-term support. We would be delighted to inform you about further assistance and therapeutic offers on site.

Balancing professional and private life? We help your employees to arrange services for their private household.

This might include cleaning services, laundry services or professional gardening services. We work exclusively with private individuals and commercial providers

who meet our high quality standards and have been approved by us.

Roadshows and further training events are a useful addition to individual consulting and support services. The presentations, seminars, workshops and online trainings are tailored to specific target groups. We provide practical and competent training on relevant topics for your employees, managers and those responsible for human resources.

We offer a number of different in-house events on the following topics:

  • Family and children
  • Care and profession
  • Health and work

The events can be booked for several hours or per day depending on the scope and topic.

Researching the answers to important questions regarding childcare or nursing care is often laborious and time-consuming. We can relieve you of this burden.

In our online portals, we provide your employees with up-to-date, reliable information about childcare and nursing care in a clearly summarised format.

This is supported by numerous checklists and information sheets.

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